Small Business Idea – Learn About a Profitable Business You Can Start For About 20 Bucks

By | June 3, 2023

In today’s economy we could all use a bit of extra cash and more security for our family and loved ones. One of the best ways to bring some extra money as well as provide financial peace for your family is to start a small business part time. Here is a simple idea that you can easily start from home all for about $20.00 bucks out of pocket and a little hard work.

Online Community Forum or Hobby Forum

If you have spent any length of time on the internet you have undoubtedly ran across a forum for your favorite hobby or local community. Forums are not only a great place to get spend time with like minded individuals, they can also be huge money makers for the forum owner once the forum is active.

When trying to find the perfect forum topic to use you don’t have to look any further then your local community or favorite hobby. You’ll find setting a forum up to be the easy part of starting your new business. By far the hardest part of getting started in the forum business is jump starting the process of getting new member and getting them posting, but once you do that and get a small but active group on your forum, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your new business can grow.

So how do you make money with forums? In one word, advertising. Don’t worry to get advertisers you won’t need to hire sales people or make any cold calls. There are many automated systems that you can use to show ads on your site, the most popular being Google’s AdSense program. So why would a business want to advertise on your site?

Simple really most businesses know the type of customers that they are targeting and if your site fits that demographics of their average customer, they are typically more then happy to pay for very well to get there message in front of that targeted customers. All in all the total estimated start-up cost is as little as $20.00 and with a bit of sweet equity you can have your very own online small business.